Welcome to the Lexicon of Food

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Welcome to the Lexicon of Food | Lexicon of Food

Step 1: Welcome!

Making the Lexicon of Food work for you is simple.

Every time you find a word in a green box, you’ll know you’ve stumbled upon an important piece of the puzzle to make a healthy food system. Click on that word and you’ll find much more than a definition of the word, you’ll find stories, concepts and commentary by the people who are doing the most sustainable work in the field. So dig in!

Step 2: Pick a topic that interests you

In the nav bar you’ll find a link to the Lexicon, our ever growing vocabulary of words from food and agriculture thought leaders..

Step 3: Follow our leaders

The Lexicon of Food is totally transparent information. Every idea has a source, a source you can view, a source you can follow, and maybe even connect with.

Not sure where to start? Browse our thought leaders, or search for your interests in food.

As a member, you can follow a Lexicon leader by clicking on the  symbol on their profile page, or next to their name any where on the site.

Step 4: Stay up to date by joining the group and adding to it

Be part of the first living eco archive all about food by becoming a member.  Make a profile, here.  If you are an organization or company be sure to read our policies, here.

Members can stay up to date. Use the SUBSCRIBE button to subscribe to lexicon terms you care about most, and get updates sent right to your activity feed. And remember to use the FOLLOW symbol to follow community members.

Use Your Words

Perhaps the most important thing you can do with this site is to learn a term and share it with your friends.

Your words can change the world!

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