Nose to Tail

On this Food List, we’ll hear from those who are teaching the traditions of using the entire animal, respecting its life even in death by eating it from nose to tail, or beak to feet.

Chefs (and lovers of offal) like Mario Batali, Chris Cupertino and Fergus Henderson are paving the way for zero waste dining. “It’s only polite to use the whole beast once you’ve knocked it on the head,” says Henderson. “Nose-to-tail eating” – using every part of the animal so nothing is wasted – “is not a bloodlust, testosterone-fueled offal hunt. It’s common sense and it’s all good stuff.”

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Nose to Tail

"Respect for the animal. Using every cut and offal (internal organs and entrails) from an animal, that has been treated with respect, to feed a community." - Chef Matt Palmerlee


"Chefs are powerful change agents. The choices they make from sourcing to cooking have the power to transform more than menus." - The Chef's Collaborative

Meat CSA

"The nexus of land, beast, humans, technology, commerce, community. Farmer orchestrates getting the right resources, in the right place, at the right time, and for the right reasons. He/she is rewarded for care of land and beast with conversion of the most elemental of pieces into substantiative food and fiber. The farmer is charged with playing the role of midwife, husband, and reaper. A social contract with the community gives these efforts and the things produced meaning and purpose. Supporters are beyond consumers. They are co-producers. It goes beyond eating a certain way. They enable and are partners in creating more functional farmscapes, more humane birth, life, and harvest of animals for food, and are enabling a lifestyle for farmers that’s difficult, but fully honorable." - Josh Egenolf

Food Waste

40. That’s the percentage of food in this country that never gets eaten, or that’s grown and never comes to market. It’s the food we distribute that never reaches a destination or sits on grocery store shelves without finding a consumer. And it’s food consumers buy but never eat.


Humane Slaughter

"We need to make sure to give animals a good life and a calm death that is free from pain." - Temple Grandin

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