A heritage grain is from a seed that embodies thousands of years of unbroken human-plant co-evolution, effort and reverence.

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Heritage Grains

Heritage Grains

Douglas Gayeton

Heritage Grains

Location: Open Oak Farm, Sweet Home, Oregon
Featuring: Sarah Kleeger, Andrew Still, and Cooper Boydston of Adaptive Seeds

“Local grain production is a consistently underemphasized aspect of our re-localized neo-decentralized food system,” says Andrew Still. “It increases our overall food security and hedges our bets to make us more reliant in the age of expensive fuel and global climate change. We need to eat more than just tomatoes and salad. Staple foods by definition are the bulk of our diet and as a result have been hyper-industrialized. There is something to be said about reconnecting to the majority of what sustains us, and when we do it in a more immediate way our experience and health is improved.”

SS791, pictured here, is an annual wheat first bred by William Sando 80 Years ago. The original crosses were made from 1923 to 1935 between friticum durum, an annual wheat, and afropyron intermedium, a perennial wheat grass. SS791 is very disease-resistant and extremely weed competitive, making it ideal for organic growing conditions.

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