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Sorry, Reindeer. Llamas Took Over Cost Plus World Market's Cute Christmas Ad

Is the llama about to have its moment? Will it be the new sloth? The next baby goat?

If a long-form holiday ad from Cost Plus World Market has anything to say about it, the gangly camelid could at least become this season’s reindeer.

“The Performance” follows a young boy as he preps for a school recital. His trumpet playing is dreadful at first, and he has considerately taken his wailing outdoors, saving the family from his nails-on-a-chalkboard practice sessions.

But a herd of llamas in a pasture nearby (in some scenic unnamed locale) migrate to the kid and patiently stand around while he noodles and screeches. They’re so calm and nonjudgmental, and fluffy and adorable, and perhaps deaf.

Time comes for the holiday show, and the boy’s mom has attached a hand-sewn llama ornament to his trumpet. (Available at Cost Plus World Market! Prudently, that’s the only product placement in the ad.) No spoilers here on the outcome of the youngster’s event, but it’s safe to say there’s no stampede (human or animal).

The digital short, from barrettSF, will run in its full three-minute form on YouTube and the retailer’s website. Shorter teasers will air on Hulu, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and other platforms.

As part of its seasonal push through December, Cost Plus will stage in-store treasure hunts, offering merchandise to customers who find the hidden llama trinkets, and live concerts by young local musicians. On Black Friday weekend, the chain will give away trips to Peru, home of the wooly mammals, via scratch tickets.

There will be a social media-based celebration of National Llama Day (a real thing) on Dec. 9 that will give out $500 gift cards.

Cost Plus has also aligned with VH1’s Save the Music Foundation for a limited-edition tote bag, with proceeds going to music education in schools.

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