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A Fish and Wildlife Habitat Plan is a type of Conservation Activity Plan under the Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS). It addresses the needs of both farmers and fish through water management. The Fish and Wildlife Habitat Plan can be used together with the Irrigation Water Management Plan to craft a watershed plan using a two-phased approach: first, maximizing irrigation efficiency and second, increasing off-stream water storage to improve water security for the farmer, while reducing riparian diversions during low flow months to protect anadromous fish populations.

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Fish and Wildlife Habitat Management Plan

Fish and Wildlife Habitat Management Plan

Photo by Douglas Gayetong

Fish and Wildlife Habitat Management Plan

Location: Fifth Crow Farm
Featuring: Farmer John Vars and NRCS District Conservationist James Howard

"This stream is the lifeblood of our farm."
- John

How can farmers in drought-stricken areas maintain water security and meet their irrigation demands while protecting fish at the same time?

Fifth Crow Farm works with NRCS specialists to craft site-specific plans that pay careful consideration to fish and wildlife habitat and other biological resources. These plans allow the farm to draw water during off-peak hours, then store it onsite for later use. “Butano Creek is far from restored,” James says, “but we’re making some progress on water extraction issues by working with willing partners.”

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