Prebiotic Foods for Healthy Living

Prebiotic Foods for Healthy Living

The cure is within your body -- the secret for wellness! You can restore what aging, stress and anxiety, lack of sleep, poor eating habits, exposure to infections, and illness have done to damage this natural process. Rather than take a bevy of pills, there is an urge to take better care of yourself and bolster your immune system. There is a natural way to bring internal health and enhanced immunity back. And it is not hard to do!

Humans are vessels for vast numbers of microbial cells, predominantly bacteria, with the most abundant population residing in our gut. Through multifaceted mechanisms these bacteria protect us by preventing infection and enhancing immunity, making gut health very relevant to overall health.

Prebiotic Approach

Prebiotics are nondigestible, fermentable carbohydrates. Prebiotic fibers are components of the healthiest foods on the planet -- natural plant foods. The prebiotic approach uses whole foods with nondigestible fermentable carbohydrates which stimulate and promote activity of beneficial gut bacteria, especially bifidobacteria. As the benefical gut microbes increase in number, pathogenic bacteria like Salmonella, Camplobacter, and E. coli decrease. Ingesting prebiotics is a practical way of manipulating the microbiota.

Food Sources

Food analysis research continues to appear in the scientific literature, focusing on food composition, especially on fermentable fibers. However, many scientists consider the true test for a prebiotic food is "does it have a prebiotic effect when fed to humans?" Recent human studies of individual foods include wild blueberries, kiwifruit, almonds, and green tea, all of which exhibited prebiotic activity.

Here is a list of whole plant food sources -- the familiar and the exotic -- that contain prebiotic fiber

Eating for Gut Health

To feed and support healthy gut microbes, eat prebiotic foods every day. When introducing new whole plant foods to your diet, eat them in small servings and increase as tolerated.

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