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Insights into Land Trusts

Insights into Land Trusts

A resilient food future starts in the dirt. But in America today, we're losing an acre of farmland every minute -- pavement, strip malls, and freeways grow in place of corn, tomatoes, and cows.

Land trusts like Marin Agricultural Land Trust stand in opposition to careless growth by permanently protecting the land's natural character and resources. In the United States, land trusts have saved 37 million acres of farmland, habitat, parks, historical sites, and affordable housing.

Here in Marin County, our farms and ranches are just a short drive from San Francisco -- great for getting food to market, but not so good for keeping land affordable. MALT saves these working lands for farming, helping to ensure that they continue to be sources of milk, meat, and produce for generations to come.

Farming families who put their land in land trusts can invest in their farm's future, knowing it's safe from the threat of development. And consumers who buy from protected producers choose to support a food culture that looks to the future, values sustainability, and works in harmony with natural systems.

Land trusts protect the land forever, making sure that an ethical and reliable food system has room to grow.

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