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Happy Cows Come from California

Happy Cows Come from California

I am a firm believer that nice weather makes for nice people. The same thing can be said for domisticated plants and animals. Here in Sonoma County, we have a relatively moderate climate with a diverse array of soils such as the Gold Ridge soil series, limestone, volcanic, loamy, gravely and serpentine soils. These differing soil types are especially noticed in wine. Differing micro climates and soil add a sense of place, a certain terroir, to our animal products, produce, and wine.

Diurnal temperature variation references the shift which occurs between the high temperatures of the day and the low temperatures of the night. When the difference between day and night temperatures is great, like it is in Sonoma County, the plants produce a greater amount of sugars during the warm days while also retaining a good amount of acidity during the cool nights. This means balanced flavors, whether you are talking about peaches, grapes or even grass.

Grass, you say? Yes. You see, the lush fields of the Sonoma Coast produce some of the best cow, goat and sheep milk and cheese in the world. This is a direct result of the fertile fields which are bathed in a generous supply of fog rolling in from the Pacific Ocean.

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