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Going, Going...Farmland in the Balance

Going, Going...Farmland in the Balance

Author Jane Black, a guest columnist for the Stone Barnes Center, shares her perspective on the frightening trend of American farmland being transitioned to land for development.

"Walk through a farmers market at this time of year and all seems right in the world of sustainable agriculture. Young, fashionably scruffy 20-somethings have rhubarb, spring garlic and greenhouse tomatoes, and plenty of advice on how to use it. But the vibrancy on display masks a grim reality: The number of U.S. farmers continues to shrink; the U.S. farm population shrunk 4 percent over five years, according to the 2012 agricultural census. Today, there are twice as many farmers over 60 as under 40. What’s worse: When those older farmers go, their land may disappear with them."

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