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The FDA is Asking You, How Should Natural be Defined?

The FDA is Asking You, How Should Natural be Defined?

In response to public concerns about the accuracy of foods labeled “natural”, the FDA opens up to the public, seeking advice on how the term should be defined and used on food labels

Recently, there has been significant concerns about the legitimacy of labeling of foods as “Natural”. This is largely a repercussion of the fact that their aren’t concrete regulations administered by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) on labeling foods as natural. While the FDA has a loose definition of the term “natural”, even these standards are somewhat vague. The agency considers foods labeled “natural” to mean that no artificial or synthetic materials have been included in or added to a food that would normally not be in that food. This policy, however, fails to address food production methods (i.e. use of pesticides), processing, or manufacturing methods (such as thermal technologies, pasteurization, or irradiation).

Consumers are demanding that the FDA take a more definitive stance on labeling foods with the term “natural”.. In response to multiple Citizen Petitions requesting more transparency for “natural” labeling, the FDA is looking to the general populace to assist in creating a more solidified stance on this type of labeling. Submissions for public comments are now open -- submit yours today!


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