Farm Forward to shed light on poultry industry with BuyingPoultry

Farm Forward to shed light on poultry industry with BuyingPoultry

BuyingPoultry Cuts Through Consumer Confusion About Poultry Claims and Labels

In order to meet consumer demand for greater transparency in food production, Farm Forward, a non-profit that promotes conscientious food choices, is launching BuyingPoultry—a groundbreaking online buying guide that, for the first time, makes it easy for consumers to learn about and find the highest-welfare poultry products available locally and nationally.

“We designed BuyingPoultry from the ground up to sift through confusing marketing claims and labels on eggs and other poultry products so that all of us can find products that are in line with our values,” explains Ben Goldsmith, Executive Director of Farm Forward. “Most shoppers report that they need a source of information about animal welfare that they can trust. That’s what BuyingPoultry is all about.”

In fact, a survey conducted by Edge Research on behalf of the ASPCA reveals that over 80 percent of consumers believe that the welfare of chickens is important, but less than one-third of those surveyed trust the producers to treat chickens humanely. In the U.S., the majority of chickens and turkeys raised for food suffer from unhealthy genetics and live in cramped conditions on factory farms. Labels like “organic” and “free-range” don’t guarantee that the birds were raised in better conditions than those of industrial farms. BuyingPoultry helps conscientious consumers understand the facts behind welfare claims and certifications, and helps makes sense of this complex information by offering buying advice from leading animal welfare experts and farmers.

BuyingPoultry’s online buying guide is powered by an extensive national database of producers, products, and retailers—the first database of its kind. Products have been graded by BuyingPoultry’s Animal Welfare Advisory Committee based on the claims and certifications that they bear and an understanding of animal welfare rooted in science. To find the highest-welfare products in their local grocery stores, consumers can simply visit

Funding for BuyingPoultry was provided by the ASPCA. “Consumers are appalled to learn about the conditions endured by chickens, but have difficulty finding more humanely raised products,” said Matt Bershadker, President and CEO of the ASPCA. "The ASPCA is committed to educating consumers about higher-welfare options, and we support BuyingPoultry’s mission to bring clarity to the marketplace and shift demand toward more humane, welfare-certified products.”

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