Can Cows Actually Save the Planet?

Can Cows Actually Save the Planet?

As the concentration of C02 and other greenhouse gasses increases, the planet gets warmer and increasingly inhospitable to humans and other species. From this perspective, anything that contributes to the gases increases the problem, and the Earth’s abundant livestock are significant culprits, releasing both methane and nitrous oxide in notable levels. But are livestock being maligned a bit unfairly?

The title of Judith Schwartz’s book, Cows Save the Planet, may lead you to believe this is a book all about cows, but it’s really about turning our ideas about livestock and climate change on their head, and taking a more holistic perspective that puts the soil and its rich microbial life at the heart of our dynamic global ecosystem. Her book is a ground-up view of how we might address climate change and begin to regenerate the planet. Read more

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