Apply for Local Foods, Local Places!

Apply for Local Foods, Local Places!

Applications for a federally-funded technical support program assisting communities in building local food systems to foster economic growth are now open

Interested in revitalizing your local economy through strengthening the local food system, but unsure exactly where to start? You might be interested in applying for Local Foods, Local Places, a federal program that provides technical support to assist communities in developing action plans to transform their local economy through the local food system. In 2014, the first year of the program, 26 rural and urban communities participated. The communities established year-round downtown farmers markets, built community kitchens and food hubs to help market local foods, supported food-related businesses incubators, and more.

For instance, technical support teams helped Wheeling, West Virginia revitalize underused property into a community orchard, multi-use food facility, and mobile market, while aiding Osceola, Arkansas in developing a health foods cooking curriculum for the local school district, create a new downtown farmers market and implement infrastructure improvement efforts.

This year, federal agencies are investing a total of $800,000 in Local Foods, Local Places. In particular, communities in the Delta and Appalachia regions are encouraged to apply. The 2015 application deadline is September 15, 2015 at 11:59 p.m Eastern Time. The community assistance includes a workshop so that individuals can develop shared goals and concrete steps towards achieving those goals. This is not a grant program.

Apply for the program here.

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