Douglas Gayeton for Lexicon of Sustainability


Location: Picnic Food Cart, Portland, OR

Featuring: Laura Weiss, John Dovy Denas, Brett and Jennifer

Cartivore: Someone who has embraced street food and seeks out food carts, food trucks, and anything they can eat on the street.

Brett's formula for creating a healthy food cart culture like Portland's:
progressive interpretation of food vending laws + strict enforcement of health code + abundance of private land (parking lots) + an abundance of discarded Aloha hunting trailers + propitious weather (warm summers + mild winters) + voracious foodies = ideal environment

Laura Weiss’s GO BOX project allows users to use re-usable food containers, reducing waste (Cartivores produce 60,00o food containers that end up in landfills each month).

John says, “Since I was planning to make all the food myself, it seemed apt to build the cart myself too” (it took two years). I had always wanted to build a house, to know how a roof is shingled, how a floor is nailed down, how siding is put up and made leak free, how electrical and gas lines are installed. That's always appealed to me probably because I'm a little obsessive compulsive. The building took on a life of it's own; the desire to finish faded and the desire to make each detail just right took over. A lot of other carts have a commissary, which is an off-site kitchen, but I wanted to be able to do everything in the cart itself, so it has pretty good storage, 2 ovens, a proofer and a big fridge.

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