The 100-mile diet has been taken on as a personal challenge by local food enthusiasts and has popularized the concept of eating only seasonally appropriate and regional foods. It is the concept of eating only foods that are grown or produced within a 100-mile radius of one’s home, requiring the practitioner to develop a deep awareness of where each of his or her meals is coming from. It can dramatically reduce an individual’s carbon footprint since the foods do not need to be transported long distances to reach the plate.

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Food Miles

Food Miles

Food Miles

Location: Lagier Ranches, Escalon CA

Featuring: John Lagier

Food Miles is the distance food travels from the field to your table. The 100 mile diet is a common unit of measure used to denote the maximum distance food can travel and still remain local to a consumer. A local foodshed is a geographic area where food is grown and consumed, while also accounting for population density, land quality, and available distribution routes.

John Lagier grows citrus, cherries, blackberries, and more for the San Francisco Bay Area Foodshed. John says people should be concerned with eating locally because: "Buying directly from the producer reduces the energy costs which result from transporting food great distance plus, it's great to have a relationship with the people who grow your food while also contributing to the sustained health of your local economy." 

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