Which Health Drinks Are Actually Healthy?

Which Health Drinks Are Actually Healthy?

There are many trendy, nutritional drinks on the market that claim to offer some sort of cure-all for our health problems. While some do offer actual nutritional perks, many are marketed in a way to seem too good to be true. Mayo Clinic’s Katherine Zeratsky and other nutrition experts claim that most of these drinks do not offer as many nutritional benefits as they claim to such as: coconut water, green juice and juice cleanses.

Experts warn that the health claims behind many of these popular liquids like maple water, kombucha, and aloe vera drinks are not verified by science. Kombucha, for example, which has a reputation for supporting a healthy digestive and immune system, may not actually be beneficial to everyone. Stephanie Maxson, MS, RD, a senior clinical dietician at the University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center warns, “Because everyone’s microbiome is unique, people will react differently to different strains of bacteria.” Maxson advises that those with weak immune systems caused by illness, especially AIDS and cancer patients, may be at greater risk for infection from the bacteria in unpasteurized, fermented drinks. In addition, Maxson recommends, that healthy individuals consume no more than an ounce or two of kombucha a day. “It usually comes in a big bottle, which has enough bacteria to last you a week,” she says.
This article is a reminder that there is no magical cure-all. A holistic approach to health and nutrition is essential. Read more about drink trends, including a debrief on popular milk substitutes, from these myth busters at the link below.

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