What is "Beyond Organic"?

What is "Beyond Organic"?

Michael Pollan popularized the term "beyond organic" more than a decade ago. It was back when organic products - everything from fresh organic produce to organic TV dinners ("three words I never expected to string together" quips Pollan) began to proliferate on supermarket shelves. In this expose, Pollan investigates the farm behind his organic TV dinner and its owner, General Mills vice president and millionaire Gene Kahn, who started out as an idealistic small scale back-to-the-land farmer in the 1970s.

 It  became clear to Pollan that not all organic was created equal. The term "beyond organic" was meant to set small farmers' products apart, reflecting the rapidly growing gap - some would say chasm - between "Big" (industrial) and "Little" Organic. 

Photo: David Shankbone

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