A Way of Farming, a Way of Life

A Way of Farming, a Way of Life

Biodynamics is beyond organic; it is a service to the Earth and to humanity. This is the core principle that biodynamic composting specialist, Bruno Follador, practices. As he tells Food Tank, “the concept of health is rooted in the concept of wholeness.” For this reason, biodynamic farmers strive for much more than production on their farm — they strive to foster life and actively improve the health of the farm — which in turn promotes productivity.

As an expert in composting, Follador points out that biodynamic composting is much more than just a waste management — it’s symbolic of the larger life cycles; “by taking something once living and allowing it to process, ferment, and decompose, growers can create a new substance that generates life.” Biodynamic farmers build farm resilience through regenerative soil support.

Learn more about building farm resilience with biodynamic compost.

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