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Monopolies, Monoculture, and Bees

Monopolies, Monoculture, and Bees

Dena Rash Guzman, a beekeeper and poet, explains why she buys organic only when the only other choice is conventional produce. Much of organic produce sold in supermarkets is grown in monocultures, an agricultural practice Guzman refers to as "strip mining." She prefers to eat food she grows herself or buys from local farmers, but the former is time consuming and the latter is expensive. She muses, "the answer to our global food crisis might not be to ban GMOs or even chemicals in farming, though that would be a great start. The answer might be to ban monoculture. In the past, monoculture has led to famine. Who can say a future of pesticide-resistant insects, pollution, and soil depletion won’t lead to the same?" Will this influence your produce-purchasing habits?

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