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Is the Global Alliance on Climate Smart Agriculture as Good as it sounds?

Is the Global Alliance on Climate Smart Agriculture as Good as it sounds?

The Global Alliance on Climate Smart Agriculture - composed of members including Yara (the world’s largest fertilizer manufacturer), Syngenta (producer of GM seeds), McDonald’s, and Walmart - launched in September 2014 at the UN Climate Summit, proclaiming it's intent in making "agriculture, forestry, and fisheries part of the solution to the negative impacts of climate change." However, the Alliance immediately faced backlash from civil society groups and social movements all over the world, who viewed the Alliance as merely a guise to further agro-industry interests by using Orwellian terminology to "promote industrial agriculture against all the evidence of its destructive impacts on people, biodiversity, seed, water, soils, and climate." presents an open letter, as well as a rejection letter, to the Alliance, and provides resources for those interested in exploring the issue further. The rejection letter lays out three main concerns: a complete lack of environmental or social criteria, an emphasis on carbon markets, and opening "a new promotional space for the planet’s worst social and environmental offenders in agriculture." When such large industries come together to make important decisions, a large dose of discussion and skepticism is healthy. Find out more by following the link.

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