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Project Localize Student Artwork: Lunch Box Heroes

Project Localize Student Artwork: Lunch Box Heroes

Student Artwork by HSMSE

Project Localize Student Artwork: Lunch Box Heroes

Location: PS 20 Anna Silver School, New York, NY

Featuring: Chef Bill Telepan and Chef Sara

World renowned chef and restaurateur Bill Telepan joined Wellness in the Schools(WITS) in 2008 believing healthier bodies make healthier minds. WITS partners chefs like Telepan with other chefs like Chef Sara and culinary school graduates, to help public school cafeteria staff create healthy and tasty lunch options. Thus, children can establish good eating habits in school that they can practice in the future.

78% of NYC kids get free or reduced lunch. Why can’t they have access to healthy food? Wellness in the Schools(WITS) inspires healthy eating, environmental awareness and fitness as a way of life for kids in public schools. It is crucial to young students’ health that the good habits established in school are carried through at home so WITS created Family Fitness Fun Nights. With national accolades from first lady Michelle Obama, WITS has grown from one NYC classroom to serving now over 40,000 students in over 75 schools across three states. Chefs can use their creative expertise to work within the constraints of the National School Lunch Program Nutrition Standards to design menus kids will enjoy.

“(WITS) Labs are cool because we make the food from scratch and then we eat it. We get to go through the whole process first so we know everything that the food is made of.” –Nazareth, 4th grade

To read about the students who produced this artwork for Project Localize, check out the teacher Jennifer Boylan's classroom blog at the link below.

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