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Point Source

Point Source

Photo by Michael, Alex, Kenneth and Isabel

Point Source

Location: Skunk River, Ames, IA
Featuring: Jim McElvogue, Superintendent at City of Ames Water Pollution Control Authority

Water from all the sanitary drains and sewers in the city of Ames and the city of Kelly is filtered through the Ames Water Pollution Control Facility.

If water is used inside a home or structure it comes there to be treated. Once in the facility, water goes through biological and physical processes that remove solids, reduce the level of ammonia, and kill microorganisms. Water discharged from the facility is released from this pipe into the South Skunk River.

“Point sources of pollution are regulated by the National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) to allow discharge of treated materials, such as wastewater. Point sources include municipal, industrial, and commercial sites. Non-point sources are not regulated by the NPDES and include farm tiles, fields, storm sewers, and drainage ditches.”

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