Location: Star Route Farms, Bolinas, CA

Featuring: Warren Weber

Organic is farming using natural systems and inputs with a view toward a sustainable future. Warren Weber has the oldest continuously certified farm in California.

Why buy organic?

Because organic contributes to the health of the soil, the plants, the workers, and the consumers.

Why grow organic?

Apart from not polluting the soil, the aquifers, and ourselves, growing organic ensures that you are building soils for future generations and doing so in a way that maintains a balance of critical natural resources.

Warren Weber says that 35 years ago, most "experts" thought organics couldn't produce so many different crops in so many different regions of the world. They were wrong. In the 1950's, 20% of commerical farms in California were under 10 acres. Many of these farms were successful doing small crops. That model fell apart as mega farms emerged and food became a commodity. The only way for small farms to survive was to go organic. Star Route was the first in California.

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