Know Your Farmer

Know Your Farmer

Location: River Ridge Ranch, Ames, Iowa
Featuring: The Lexicon of Sustainability's First Project Localize class: Will, Paul, Kim, Bryan, Kaydee, Kait, Logan, Michael, Brittany, Drayke, and Elena

When 75 students at Iowa’s Ames High School wanted to see where their food came from, they ended up documenting an entire local food system (with their teacher’s help).

Mike Todd teaches Environmental Science, Physics, and Biology at Ames High School. His innovative teaching methods engage his students in student-driven, community-based Environmental Impact Projects like Project Localize’s “Localizer Toolkit,” which shows students how photography and words can help a community learn more about the people and principles behind the food they eat.

To Know Your Farmer is to know the people who make the choices about production methods and labor practices – all of which define their own value system. When you buy food, you’re buying these values. Their values.

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