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Information Artwork: Farmlife + Wildlife

Information Artwork: Farmlife + Wildlife

Medlock Ames works with nature rather than against it by acknowledging the presense of animals and respecting their habitat. By doing so, he allows both the vineyard and the surrounding wildlife to thrive.

Ames utilizes the sheep’s natural love for eating weeds to clear beneath the vines each year. Without sheep, a weed that dies and falls on the ground takes a long time to decompose and return its nutrients to the soil. If that same weed passes through the gut of a sheep, it returns its nutrients to the soil immediately and adds much greater soil fertility. In this way, targeted grazing results in cycling nutrients back into the soil.

From the animals’ point of view, the wildlife corridor provides unimpeded access to food, water and much larger habitat: the 3,000+ acre Pepperwood Preserve just to the East. From Ames’ point of view this means that they won’t have hungry deer invading the vineyard as it allows them to pass through the expansive preserve without issue.

Medlock Ames protects the wildlife by creating a balance between the vineyard and the surrounding natural habitat. If every acre of this vineyard was planted there would be no habitat for wildlife. These beasts would be forced to invade the vineyard, ultimately causing negative impacts for all. By carefully preserving and promoting natural habitats, Medlock Ames works with nature.

Location: Medlock Ames Vineyard, Alexander Valley, Healdsburg, CA

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