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Farmer Anne

Farmer Anne

Douglas Gayeton for Lexicon of Sustainability

Farmer Anne

Featuring: Farmer Anne

As the face of agriculture changes and smaller family run farms return, more and more women are coming into agriculture as their life’s work. Anne and her husband are part of the “new face of farming”, meaning they are new to the area and have no land history here (though they are the fourth generation of farmers on the land they cultivate.

Anne says: “Each day that I am in the field, I know that I am just one woman farmer of thousands all over the world sowing seed, irrigating, cultivating crops, harvesting and providing food to the community.” Women were at the forefront of Agriculture before the Green Revolution and the onset of large scale industrial agriculture. For Anne, there is nothing more satisfying, or challenging, than growing food for her farm’s families. The hardest challenges facing Anne are land and irrigation water accessibility. As cities continue to overtake agricultural lands, the price of good farm land skyrockets out of the farmer’s price range. Agricultural water and lands need to be protected from urban sprawl in order for our communities to have viable sources of local food.

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