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The rapid development of emerging technologies in the agricultural industry has created a need to better understand consumer perceptions and address regulatory challenges, according to two... Read more
By The Environmentalist, 8 hours 2 min ago
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China's central government on Thursday issued guidelines to empower the country's small-scale farming households so that their development is aligned with that of modern agriculture. In the... Read more
By The Scientist, 8 hours 4 min ago
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Agricultural workers of the future may soon be made of tech and steel. Can a robot pick a strawberry better, faster, and cheaper than a seasonal farmworker?
By The Environmentalist, 8 hours 7 min ago
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The role of smallholder farmers has come under the spotlight in South Africa as the country navigates the tricky process of land reform. Smallholder farming is billed as the main avenue through which... Read more
By The Advocate, 8 hours 11 min ago
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Agriculture has always been a risky business. Today, the impact of climate change and the associated increase in the number and severity of extreme weather events has made agriculture riskier than ever. At the same time, demand for food is rising... Read more
By The Environmentalist, 8 hours 13 min ago
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