A true incubator kitchen does not simply offer shared commercial kitchen space but also an engine for entrance into the marketplace and inspiration for economic and operational self-sufficiency. It identifies barriers to entry, whether they be capital, gendered, racial or language-based, reduces the risks associated and creates a platform from which truly talented entrepreneurs can grow and thrive.

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Kitchen Incubator

Kitchen Incubator

Douglas Gayeton

Kitchen Incubator

Location: La Cocina, San Francisco, California
Featuring: Christina, Azalina, Veronica and Alicia, La Cocina Entrepreneurs

Kitchen incubators help entrepreneurs launch, grow, and formalize food businesses, which provide real asset generation for their families. La Cocina (“the kitchen” in Spanish) provides affordable commercial kitchen space and technical assistance to low-income and immigrant women entrepreneurs growing their own food business.

La Cocina supplies space from which to launch dreams, as well as a vibrant community of fellow entrepreneurs. They believe everyone has the talent and capacity to build a successful food business. La Cocina is located in San Francisco’s Mission District, an ethnically diverse and economically vulnerable neighborhood. Food lies at the heart of this community, and you don’t have to look far to find hidden entrepreneurs in kitchens at many homes.

“El perfecto sabor es cocinar con amor” – The motto of La Cocina

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