Climate change is 20°C in Copenhagen the 28th of February. Climate change is -40°C in Minnesota in Jan. Climate change is a huge peaches orchard flowering beforehand and losing all its fruit due to a mid april frost. It is an Ethiopian farmer planting its grains following its traditional agricultural practices and losing everything because of the occurring of a late rain season. Climate change is also a queen bee drawing in melting wax for a hot summer that doesn’t want to cut some slack.

Climate change is that alarm in our ears that woke some of us up and make us realise that we cannot keep on producing our food like we did in the past 60 years.
Climate change is a stable change in the weather distribution on the planet that can be seen through the exacerbation of climatic condition and change in traditional climatic zones. Some people call it global warming as well because, on a larger scale, the world temperature is actually increasing. Its main causes are the huge amount of greenhouse gasses and small pollutant particles that our production system is letting off in the atmosphere. Partially generated by it, Climate change is threatening in particular our food system making harder and harder to deal with unpredictable weather and more likely to occur in crop failures.

Although somebody doesn’t believe in its existence, we all are today called to act against it. Whether with mitigation or with adaptation strategies, our agricultural systems are in the first line in this war. Also because they are the one that will pay the highest price if they don’t.

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