Photo Challenge:

Your Photo = $1 for #realschoolfood


September 28, 2015


October 31, 2015

What you have to do

Join Chefs Ann Cooper and Jaime Oliver in their fight for real food!

1. Snap a selfie holding up a sign that reads "#realschoolfood"

2. Choose one of Chef Ann Foundations's #realschoolfood shots (picturing real school lunch trays)

3. Post on your social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) with a caption including #realschoolfood

Here is an example!

Why is it important

Childhood obesity is a national epidemic. Over 30 million children eat school lunch every day, and many of those meals are processed, heat and serve options. 1/3 of our nation's kids are on track to get type two diabetes. Imagine the effect we could have on the health of our nation's kids if we served them #realschoolfood, made from scratch with healthy, nutritious ingredients?


Every time you post using '#realschoolfood', $1 will be donated towards developing healthy school food recipes.

The goal of the #RealSchoolFood campaign is to raise public awareness around the need for scratch cooking in schools and the work that Chef Ann Foundation is doing to provide operational and recipe support to schools transitioning to a scratch-cook model. By advocating for #RealSchoolFood, we are saying:
The food we serve our children at school should be real, fresh, and scratch-cooked. It’s time to move away from highly processed, packaged food.

We’ve got the photos to prove it!