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How to Stop Seafood Fraud?

How to Stop Seafood Fraud?

Seafood fraud undermines conservation efforts to prevent overfishing and incidental capture of at-risk species and marine wildlife, such as dolphins and sea turtles, by making illegal fishing profitable. Without traceability that requires accurate labeling, and without enforcement of traceability on imports and throughout the supply chain, seafood fraud allows illegally-caught fish to be laundered into the U.S. market and passed off as something else. This also misleads consumers about the true availability of particular species and the health of the marine environment. Because mislabeling maintains the appearance of a steady supply of popular fish species despite overfishing or violations of fishery management rules, consumers are often unaware that the species is more vulnerable than they thought. As a result, fishermen who follow fisheries laws are at a competitive disadvantage, and consumers are prevented from making responsible market decisions.

Read more at Civil Eats to explore how to increase traceability.

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