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A Connected Market

A Connected Market

"The beauty of a local food system is that it brings you back into a relationship with the source of your food, with the land, the animals, the plants, the farmers, and with each other,” writes Jessica Prentice, acclaimed chef, author, community food activist and the person who first coined the word “locavore.” She captures perfectly the importance of the locavore movement. Our relationship with food is a complex one, based on memories, habits, needs and desires.

Although my mom prepared dinner every day, I do remember consuming fast food on occasion. It wasn’t until I was living on my own that I realized how empty and unsatisfying that food was on many levels. By slowly changing my patterns of behavior, I began a deeper appreciation for food and life in general. I visited farmers markets, befriended farmers, and cooked local food with my friends. Doing this made me more aware of terroir, of the seasonality of things; I became more connected to my environment instead of just drifting through it. I planted an herb garden, which grew into a produce garden, which grew into a farm. Now I grow things that you don’t see in stores while also enjoying truly priceless foods from local producers. It is this connectedness that is at the heart of the Locavore movement.

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