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With almost eight billion people to feed, traditional agriculture is taking a toll on the planet. Luckily, new technologies in urban farming are changing the game. Now, food can be grown locally in... Read more
By The Sprout, Jul 31
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Wood Turner, Senior Vice President of Agriculture Capital, believes we are at a pivotal time in food production: “We’re at a point where we are trying to produce so much food for so many people, that... Read more
By The Sprout, Jul 24
IATP recently submitted comments on the U.S Department of Agriculture’s proposed GMO disclosure rule. When the record closed at midnight on July 3, more than 14,000 comments had been submitted. Most... Read more
By The Sprout, Jul 12
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Animal antibiotics are far cheaper than the human equivalent but fears are growing over their real cost
By The Scientist, Jun 26
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Neither had we. But it may be the next big thing in farming.
By The Sprout, Jun 26
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